Unified Communications

Unifying enterprise communications is a growing challenge for many businesses. You have so many different target audiences, different communications purposes, and constantly evolving delivery media. Unified communications will help achieve your program and brand goals while providing targeted, accurate information for your best-in-class products.

That's What I Do

I create diverse communications for technical, business-to-business, and consumer audiences:


User Help & Docs  |  SDKs & APIs  |  Needs & Requirements  |  User Interface Dev  |  Release Management  |  Windows & Linux


Web Content  |  SEO Copywriting  |  Holistic Branding  |  Headlines & Articles  |  Digital & Print Publishing  |  PowerPoint & Video


SR&ED claims  |    Internationalization  |  Process & SOPs  |  Budgeting & Project Management  |  Business Analysis |  RFIs & RFPs

Writing Samples

Here's a portfolio of some of my work.

Here are a few of the produced radio ad scripts I've written.


I started volunteering when my kids were in elementary school. I held positions from Yearbook Editor to Treasurer for over 10 years. Through this time, I realized how much you gain from helping out.

Since then, I've been helping a few seniors with their annual tax filings, and helping The Diskordanse Company with their communications.

In life, it's great to actually help people, and volunteering is a way I can make a difference.

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Since I received my BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University, I've produced communications for business sectors ranging from financial services to restaurant chains, from software and hardware developers to medical innovators, and lots in between.